What to Consider When Buying a Karaoke Mixer

What to Consider When Buying a Karaoke Mixer

14 Feb 2019

In previous blog posts we have looked at what to consider when buying a karaoke machine and microphones, and in our latest guide, we are sharing tips on what to look for when buying a karaoke mixer.


Mixers combine the music and vocal source into one to enhance the sound quality. There are several important functions included; the microphone inputs, volume control, the key controller and echo, delay and repeat controls. What you will be using a mixer for will indicate what type of mixer you need, as you may not need all the functions they can offer. You may also need an amplifier too, so choosing a mixer/amplifier may suit your requirements.



Whatever you will be using your karaoke machine for, it needs to be user-friendly, whether this is to record your singing or to play live. The usability includes being easy to set up, and functions that are quick to understand even for beginners. A complicated system will easily put people off using it and can cause problems during a performance when you want a quick change in volume or need to add an echo. When it comes to playing live, you need the mixer to be compatible with the sound system you are using.


Number of Channels

A channel is essentially a signal path, and a mixer with more channels means more things can be connected. Channels are often designed to accept mics, amplifiers or signal processors, and more channels will allow you to do more with the mixer. Mixers that have several channels will sometimes have a function to group channels together to control them easily.


Inputs and Outputs (I/O)

Alongside the number of channels you may need, you need to consider the number of mics you may need to connect. You may be a solo singer, a karaoke DJ or have a band, and each use will need a different number of I/Os. To be on the safe side, it is best to go for a karaoke mixer which has a few more I/O connections and channels than you need.



If you rely on external equipment such as an effects pedal to tweak the sound and volume you want to produce, the type of effects on the mixer will not be as important. However, if you are looking to save money or prefer to have effects such as equaliser built in, be sure to check the descriptions and features on the mixers you are looking at.



It may be a simple aspect to overlook, but the overheating of a sound mixer can be an issue. Similar to any other electrical equipment, overheating can be a problem, causing power outages, wires becoming damaged and generally not functioning properly. Ensure when using your mixer it is in an aired place, and even use a cooling mat if needed.


Take a look at some of our karaoke mixers and other audio products so you can be sure you have the best equipment when it comes to recording music or playing live. If you want more information about the products we sell, don’t hesitate to get in touch; with nearly 40 years experience in the karaoke business, we are more than happy to share our expert advice on the products and karaoke equipment you may need.

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