What to Consider When Buying a Karaoke Machine

What to Consider When Buying a Karaoke Machine

27 Nov 2018

When it comes to buying the best karaoke machine on the market which suits your needs, there are several things you need to consider so you can be sure your investment will pay off. To help you choose the right karaoke machine for sale, we have put together some of the factors you need to consider beforehand.


Portability and Set Up

Most karaoke equipment has a manual included to help you with the setup. However, if you require a system that has an easy set-up, it is a good idea to check beforehand if the instructions are quick or if it will take you a while. If you do need a machine that you will be moving around to different venues, you should check its portability. A machine you can pack and carry with ease when needed can save you a lot of trouble.



Prices of karaoke machines depend on the type you get. The range of features often dictate the price range; the more features on a machine the  more expensive it will be. With this in mind, you should think about your budget, and if you can afford it. If not, it is best to limit the functionalities needed on the machine you want and settle for a lower price system.


Sound Control

A karaoke machine for singers should have an auto voice control which allows you to mute the voice and just leave the background music playing. Instead of muting the singer in the song, a balance control helps you adjust the volume to high or low levels, so you should be keeping an eye out for controls such as echo, pitch and tone to get a karaoke machine for singing.


Powering Options

As technology has advanced, karaoke machines now have a few different ways of being powered. There is still the standard mains operated machines, where you simply need to plug them into the wall, but for portable systems, you can get battery operated or chargeable machines. However, most often the mains operated machines are the best option, as long as you have a plug socket nearby.



Your karaoke machine needs speakers, and it is a good idea to understand the speaker wattage. For children, 5 watts is more than enough, and home karaoke systems tend to reach about 10 watts. For parties, larger venues and outdoor activity, opt for a machine with a speaker jack to connect to an available system.


Ease of Use

Having an easy to use karaoke machine can make things a lot easier. Consider who the machine is for; kids, use at home, a professional singer or DJ at a bar, each one needs to have good ease of use. For children, the fewer controls, the better, as they can use it on their own and it is less likely to be broken when there are fewer functions.


Warranty Information

No matter what kind of karaoke machine you buy, you should always be aware of the warranty information. You will feel better knowing a hundred pound or more investment has a one to two-year warranty as opposed to thirty-day return. For a big, expensive piece of equipment that you need for your job, you may also need to consider insuring it, to give you peace of mind.


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