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Karaoke UK is a major UK supplier of top range karaoke machines and equipment since 1981. Nearly 40 years on from karaoke on cassette tapes, we are using cd+g discs, USB or downloading from smartphones and displaying lyrics on touch screens. At Karaoke UK, we sell touch screen karaoke systems for homes, PA systems, microphones, speakers, mixers and more from well-known brands such as karaoke usa, Acesonic, VocoPro, Audio2000 and our own brand, Bluelaser. 

Whether you need karaoke equipment for a party at home, need to update the system in your bar, or are a travelling musician or singer who needs the best quality system for their vocals, we have everything you need. Browse through our extensive list of products, and you are sure to find the right piece of karaoke equipment. We pride ourselves on our knowledge of karaoke machines and are happy to help with any queries our customers may have on the equipment we sell.