Best Karaoke YouTube Channels to Follow

Best Karaoke YouTube Channels to Follow

28 Feb 2019

With millions of subscribers and billions of combined views, karaoke YouTube channels are fast becoming a great way to host a pop-up karaoke event. Whether you’re having a small party with some friends, hosting a pub gathering or practising solo for your next night out, these YouTube channels have helped to bring the joy and spirit of karaoke to the masses! Here’s some of our favourite accounts that you should be following to keep up to date with the best karaoke content on the web:


Sing King Karaoke


Fast approaching 5.5M subscribers, this mammoth channel often releases up to ten new videos a week making it one of the fastest growing karaoke channels on YouTube. Releasing a constant stream of karaoke-ready videos for the newest hits, remixes and old classics, there will always be something new for you to try. They also offer tutorials on how to sing certain songs and a ‘spotlight’ feature which shows live performances.


PopUp Karaoke Instrumentals


A relatively small channel compared to Sing King with just under 100,000 subscribers, however, PopUp is offering something different. The channel uploads videos like other channels but provides variations of the same song in different keys, one female, one lower and one regular. This adds diversity to their offering and with over 2,800 videos to choose from, it’s no surprise they have racked up close to 45M views.




With a huge database of over 6,700 videos, Karafun regularly uploads videos with new brand content every day. Offering a diverse range of genres and styles, the channel has a dedicated fan base of over 1M subscribers and accumulated more than 1B views! The playlists they have are arranged by song type including ‘crooners’ or ‘Christmas’, which can be frustrating at times with such a large library.




With a huge catalogue of nearly 10,000 videos, this channel offers a truly huge range of Karaoke-ready videos. Having accumulated over 290M since joining in October 2012, they often upload more than 40 videos a week meaning there is constantly fresh content. With a wide selection of playlists, this will keep you and your guests entertained for hours!




One of the older channels in the list, TheKARAOKEChannel has a fanbase of 940K subscribers and a cumulative 533M views. Typically uploading less frequently than others on the list with roughly five to ten new videos being published per week. Top videos for the channel include Adele’s ‘Rolling In The Deep’ with 22M views alone and ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ by Alicia Keys with a view count at 13M. Their playlists leave a little to be desired as they have categories for each song which haven’t been reflected on the playlists.


Mega Karaoke Songs


This channel has a collection of roughly 1,600 videos that range from newest pop hits to funky jams to slightly more obscure tracks. Typically there are five or six new videos on the channel per week which isn’t as prolific as others in the list. They have a fairly comprehensive set of playlists, however, there are some that have less than five songs in them which can interrupt the flow of an event.


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