What to Consider When Buying a Karaoke Microphone

7 Jan 2019

When it comes to karaoke, you want to have the best quality equipment, particularly microphones. If you're going to sound good, investing in a quality microphone can make all the difference before heading over to our online shop to browse the range of wireless microphones we have, along with other top range equipment such as a Vocopro karaoke mixer and amplifiers.


Read on to find out some helpful tips for selecting the right microphone for your needs.


Understanding Microphone Specs

It helps to understand the basics of the specifications and terms before buying a microphone, as this will help you select the best mic for your needs. These include the polar pattern, frequency response, response curves and proximity effect. The polar pattern is the shape of the field of sensitivity a mic has and is important to consider this when performing in a busy setting. Unidirectional mics are the most common.

The frequency response refers to the range of frequencies, low to high, that a microphone picks up and is measured in Hertz. For vocal mics, look to a range of 80 Hz to 15 Hz, but for a bass drum, you want a lower end such as 40 or 30 Hz. Proximity effect on microphones do not have a given specification, but they are often mentioned. Proximity effect causes bass frequencies to be more pronounced, which is often desirable for singers who want effects.


Using Your Mic

One of the most important things to consider is what you will be using your microphone for. Is it just for a home setting, or onstage for a performance, or to be used in a studio? You need the microphone to compliment the environment and the other equipment you will be using it in. For example, it doesn’t make sense to splash out on a studio mic when you will be using it at home. The acoustics at home won’t be good enough for the mic, so find a mic that can be suitable in a variety of settings.


Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphones are electronically similar to wired ones but include a transmitter to offer the user more movement. Common wireless systems use UHF, VHF or digital frequencies, with the most affordable using the UHF band. Wireless mics deal with reception problems through receivers which use two antennae. Most wireless microphones come with the receiver, but if not, make sure they operate on the same frequency.


Microphone Accessories and Packages

Your karaoke system will need a few extras which can help optimise your performance, which includes mic stands and mounts. These can be expensive, so it is best to go for packages or just buy the things you definitely know you will need, to avoid spending money on items you won’t end up using.


If you need help choosing your microphone, don’t hesitate to get in touch, as at Karaoke UK, we can provide expert advice and tips to help you invest in the equipment which is right for you.


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