The Best Extras for a Karaoke System

12 Dec 2018

When it comes to karaoke systems, it’s a good idea to have a few extras which can make the experience better for everyone involved. Whether you have a karaoke machine at your bar, are a travelling singer or just want a quality system to practice with at home, it’s important you have the best quality equipment. Read on to see what our recommended extra features are.


Recording Options

You may be interested in hearing how yourself and others performed at the end of an event, and this requires a recording option. There are several systems which include recording features so that you can get instant playback on your performance. Recording options are ideal for singers who want to practice and improve.



A logical step to take when you have your karaoke gear is to get a mixer, which helps with the connection between the system, microphone and even DJ equipment. Finding the right karaoke mixer doesn’t have to be difficult, and we have a great range available on Karaoke UK, including a selection of Vocopro karaoke mixers. Requirements for a good mixer to keep in mind include an easy layout, good value for money and the reverb, to add a nice warmth to the atmosphere.


Built-in Screen

While a built-in screen is coming more and more popular for a karaoke machine, they are not always included. Having a screen offers fantastic benefits, as it means you don’t have to rely on your TV or computer or to find a screen to connect to when you need to have the lyrics visible.


Video Camera

Similar to a recording option, a video camera gives you the chance to play a performance back. Not all machines have this option, so adding a video camera is good if you want to record your whole performance. Similar to being able to connect your phone, you can easily connect a video camera to the system, and adjust the focus and angles as you go.



Lighting is not essential for a karaoke system, but it does help to add atmosphere to a party. There are many lighting systems available which can be easily installed in a bar or home, some even can connect to your system, with simple controls. These can be accessed manually or done on an automatic system.


Mic Stand

Microphones are a must for karaoke, so why not also get a mic stand? At Karaoke UK we have a couple available, and they can be adjusted for different heights. Having a mic stand for a karaoke event can be handy, as it means the microphone won’t be lost between performances.


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