The 5 Best Apps to Help with Singing

23 Oct 2018

Not many people have had singing lessons, but a lot more have been to a karaoke night. While it is not an experience everyone loves, especially if they know they can’t carry a tune, there are ways to better your singing abilities that don’t require paying for lessons!

In today's modern world, in addition to Karaoke Streaming, there are countless apps to help with your singing, so you channel your inner pop star when it comes to karaoke. We have put together some of the best ones that can help you improve your singing. Apps are a great way to get tips and advice without having to pay for a costly tutor, and some are even available for free.

Smule – The #1 Singing App,

available on iOS and Android Smule, previously known as Sing! Karaoke, is one of the most popular apps around, with an extensive range of songs to try. You can sing and make music, and even connect with other karaoke fans from around the world! You can even try a cappella, and use audio effects to polish your vocals. The app also has a real-time pitch correction to help you tune your voice as you sing and it’s free!

#2 The Voice – Sing Karaoke,

available on iOS and Andriod Fans of The Voice can have a go at getting those judges to turn their chairs with this free app. There are several tracks to choose from on The Voice – Sing Karaoke, and you can even record your own version of the top hits too, along with audio and visual effects. You can also interact with other singers, sharing tips and advice on how to better your singing, and there is no better way to boost your confidence that getting help and support from other amateur singers and karaoke fans!

#3 Vanido: Learn to Sing,

Available on iOS. Learn to sing for free is made much easier with this app. You can personalise the singing exercises, and they are tailored to your vocal range. There are daily sessions, so your practice is frequent, and you can choose from real songs from a variety of genres, unlocking more as you improve. The regular practice also means you can easily track your progress and set challenges. The app also offers real-time visual feedback on your pitch which can help train your ear and improve timing. The daily sessions are free, but to try more, you can subscribe to have unlimited exercises.

#4 Learn to Sing – Sing Sharp,

available on iOS and Android. Anyone can better their singing ability with this app. Sing Sharp helps you learn and practice, using technology to detect and display your singing pitch accurately in real time, you can even train yourself to become pitch perfect. The app allows you to test your vocal range, provides excellent warm-up vocal exercises and a chance to sing a variety of songs that suit your range. With a four-star rating, it is one of the best available, and it’s free!

#5 Singa: Sing Karaoke & Lyrics,

available on iOS and Android. One of the best karaoke-apps, Singa features thousands of high-quality songs, old and new from loads of genres. You can save favourites to a playlist, and even analyse your performance based on timing, sustain and pitch, and you can share favourite songs with friends and other karaoke fans around the world through the app. It’s easy to use, and free, though there is a premium version available if you want to unlock more tips and songs.

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