Testing Your Karaoke Machine

Testing Your Karaoke Machine

8 Feb 2019

After browsing through Karaoke UK’s range of top range karaoke machines and reading through our points on what to consider when buying a karaoke machine, you have decided to buy one! The next step, after setting up, is testing the components to ensure it will be functioning correctly for all your needs.


Professional karaoke machines are used for pubs, bars, karaoke venues and music venues, and it is essential they function as they need to so no performance is interrupted by faulty equipment. At Karaoke UK, we work hard to ensure our equipment is the best it can be and are always happy to answer any questions our clients may have. Read on to see what things you should test before using your karaoke machine.


The Inputs and Outputs

Most karaoke machines available today can be connected to other devices so that you can plug your iPod, smartphone or MP3 player directly into the receiver. This will provide you with an almost unlimited selection of songs to choose from. You should check that your devices can easily connect and update or download software that may be needed. If you don’t have an iPod or phone connection, you need to also check the HDMI, RCA and digital audio inputs on the sound equipment. Many units have several outputs available, so make sure you are trying each one and have spare cables ready!


Quality of the Microphones

The quality of the microphones can make a lot of difference to a performance, as it is often the part audiences will notice more. Top range microphones at decent prices can take a bit more wear and tear than a basic set for the home, but it is a good idea to check the specs of the microphones you have first. If it is wireless, you want to be sure the transmitter is also working correctly, and that the mic and receiver are operating on the same receiver. For more points on what to consider when it comes to microphones, check out our blog post here.



The compatibility of a karaoke machine is important for professionals. You want to make sure the equipment you have will go nicely with any existing system you may have. A professional karaoke system should have a standard RCA connection, an aux hook up, and even USB or Bluetooth. These necessary connections should mean your machine will be compatible with any other system, but it is a good idea to check first.


Power Compatibility

The power required for a professional machine is more than you may expect, particularly when you have several extra features needing to be powered attached, such as amplifiers, speakers, microphones, receivers and screens. You need to ensure that your equipment is suitable for the machine and your power source can keep running everything with no outages or a fuse blowing! A good atmosphere at a karaoke event is sure to die quickly when the karaoke machine stops working!


Audio Manipulation Features

The majority of professional karaoke machines have audio manipulation features you’d expect to see in a recording studio. Echo, tempo and pitch control, audio equalisers are fantastic features to have in a karaoke system, particularly for singers and musicians. Having these features as part of the equipment you are using indicates it’s a step up from a home system. Of course, like with every other component, you need to test these features, particularly in a larger venue where you can hear the impact. If you are new to using these sorts of features too, a few test-runs should be in order, so you aren’t making mistakes when using the equipment in front of a live audience.


Audio Quality

The quality of the audio of your karaoke machine is a top concern, particularly for professional systems. You want to be sure the audio can fill the venue you will be using it in, and give you clear sound each time it is used. This means you need to be testing the audio quality in whatever venue you will be using the equipment, checking if there is feedback, crackling or popping sounds or just all-around bad audio. We can guarantee none of our karaoke machines will have audio issues, but it is common to get a hissing feedback noise when it is operated at high volumes.


For more information on the karaoke machines we have available at Karaoke UK, don’t hesitate to contact us. We have a wide range of machines and equipment for sale, from karaoke machines with words to top quality microphones and mixers.


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