What to Expect at Your First Karaoke Night

8 Aug 2018

Karaoke is a fun social event that everyone should experience at least once, yet it can be a bit daunting on your first time. What if you forget the words, sing off-key, or the audience laughs? There are several things which can go wrong, but before you think of cancelling, this blog post on what to expect can help you prepare.

Expect to Sing

While you won’t be forced to get up there and sing if you adamantly refuse to, it is common for first-time karaoke goers to sing. The best option is to roll with it, choose a song you had in mind and are comfortable with and it will be a much less painful experience!

Stage Fright and Jitters are Normal

Even world-famous performers experience stage fright when they get on stage, so it is completely normal to feel that way yourself. Just remember to breathe and that it is a fun event, no-one will be expecting perfection, and your friends are there to support you.

Singing Off-Key is OK

Remember, this isn’t an X-Factor audition. You are allowed to make mistakes in karaoke, and more often than not, the more mistakes make for a great laugh and can help take away the stress. Just do your best and belt out a tune with bravado!

Adding Flair is Guaranteed

You are likely to come across other karaoke goers who love it but can’t sing at all, but pull it off by adding some drama to make it an entertaining performance. This can work for you too, especially if you are a natural performer.

Beware of Mic-Hogs

You could be in the middle of a perfect rendition of Sweet Caroline, and someone joins, stealing your moment in the spotlight. Sadly, mic-hogs exist, and there is little you can do to stop them snatching the microphone away. One solution to calm things over is to go for a duet to keep all parties happy.

Top Tips for First Timers

  •  If you think you will be too nervous to perform by yourself why not sing with your friends in a duet or group? The first time is always the most nerve-wracking so having people around you is the best way to dip your toe into the karaoke pool.
  • Pick a song you love and know by heart, though make sure it isn’t too obscure so if people want to sing along in the audience, they can. If the song you choose has meaning to you, it will be easier to sing it too.
  •  If you do have a song in mind before your first karaoke performance, practise it beforehand, whether it's in the shower, car or while you do the vacuuming. This will help reduce any panic on the night that you will forget the words.
  •  Remember to eat before you head to the karaoke night – an empty stomach exaggerates the nervous feeling you get in your abdomen, so a light snack is needed.
  •  Don’t drink too much when doing karaoke, as though a drink can help bolster your confidence and soothe nerves, one too many could lead to a slurred performance.

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