The Struggles of Karaoke Fans

The Struggles of Karaoke Fans

12 Oct 2018

If you are reading this blog, it is safe to say you will be a fan of karaoke, maybe even a little obsessed? Karaoke is likely your go-to suggestion for a birthday, hen-do or any social gathering. You are always on the hunt for a fantastic karaoke system for sale so you can upgrade to have the best in the business.

So that means you are likely to be familiar with the struggles of being a fan of the entertaining art form. Read on to see if any of the struggles we have listed below are familiar to you!

You Are Constantly Looking Out for New Karaoke Songs

Whether you are listening to the radio, streaming a new Spotify playlist or out at a pub, your ear is always tuned into what is playing. Are the lyrics easy, is the beat recognisable, can you match the singers' voice? Even without meaning to, when you listen to music, your brain is always ready to pick out your next karaoke song.

YouTube Videos Can Take Over Your Weekend

While the radio is an excellent source for finding karaoke songs, both old and new, YouTube is the perfect place to discover the right songs. There are videos with scrolling lyrics, warm up songs and much more. As you trawl through to find the best ones for a karaoke night, you will realise you have lost hours of your time! But it’s all in the name of karaoke, so all can be forgiven.

Practice Makes Perfect

We have said it before in previous blog posts: if you want to nail your karaoke performance, you need to put in some practice. Natural singing talents are few, so if you're going to better your own singing, practising is how you will get there. There are exercises to do which can help your vocal chords, making it easier to stay on key and breathe while singing. The practice also enables you to remember the lyrics, although that is less important for karaoke when they appear on screen!

Singing Competitions Make You Angry

Not everyone can be perfect singers, but everyone is a critic. There are several singing competitions out there, the most prominent being X-Factor and The Voice, and have some pretty mean judges. The thing that makes you angry? Not the singers who are just giving it their best, even with the raging nerves, but the judges who use karaoke as a punchline or punishment! It wouldn’t be a popular form of entertainment it is was just bad singers.

Losing Playlists is a Recurring Nightmare

Back in the day, people would add their favourite karaoke songs onto tapes and CDs and hand them over to the KJs. Today, you can add thousands of songs onto a USB stick, and organise them all into playlists. But a tiny USB stick is much easier to lose, especially in a dark karaoke bar, so no doubt you have had many worries about it going missing!

Someone Takes Your Song

You might have been looking for your next karaoke song for a while, and when finally deciding on one, perfecting it at home on your home karaoke machine, you hear someone else sing it before you on karaoke night. The outrage at someone ‘stealing’ your song is very relatable, and what’s worse is there is not much you can do about it!

No-One Quite Understands

Why You Love It Karaoke is hugely entertaining and something everyone can enjoy. However, it often seems that not everyone ‘gets’ it and can be confused as to why you love singing, even if you are not the best at it. The only way to make them understand is to bring them along to the next karaoke night, and they are sure to fall in love with it, like you!

Do you have any of your own struggles being a karaoke fan? Let us know over on our social media channels! In the meantime, take a look at our blog for more karaoke fun!

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