The Different Types of Karaoke Machine

5 Dec 2018

Though there are both commercial and personal use karaoke machines available on the market, each with different features, they perform the same function. Essentially, the different types of karaoke machines can play a musical track without the vocals and provide lyrics on a monitor. Though the all-in-one karaoke machine is the most common type for home and commercial use, there are a wide selection available on the market.


Portable Karaoke Machines

A portable karaoke machine does not necessarily mean it is one suitable for kids. Though they are moveable as well, children’s karaoke machines often have a limited amount of functions and performance. Portable karaoke machines are plug in and play systems which include speakers, amplifiers, video screens and microphone sets with all the functionality of a static machine.


If you are looking to buy a portable karaoke machine, consider the power and sound quality. These are integrated into a home system, but portable machines require a good connection to stereo systems in a venue to function well, and it may not sync up to a venue or home system as easily as a home system does. If one component ceases to work, it could mean the whole thing needs replacing.


Portable karaoke machines can go from less than £100 to nearly £1000, with the differences being in the brand, reliability and quality of the sound. What you will be using your karaoke machine for will indicate what price you are willing to pay.



Home Karaoke Machine

A home karaoke machine allows you to handle the controls yourself, and to get started you just need to plug in and play. A screen, such as a TV, is necessary to display the lyrics for each song. Some home systems have a screen included, and also have connections for two or more microphones for a duet or group performance.


The various connections on a home karaoke system will allow you to connect several other devices such as a stereo system, TV screen, microphones and even effects like autotune. Home systems will enable you to play CDs, DVDs, music on your phone, if it is compatible, and some machines can also record performances.


Home karaoke machines are not as expensive as professional machines – take a look at what we have available on our site to give you an idea of the mid-range prices of a quality system!



Professional Karaoke Machine

A professional karaoke machine can be either made up of several separate components or can be a fully integrated machine. If the machine you want is for a bar or similar establishment, a component-based system with various features such as amplifiers and recorders is best.


Professional karaoke machines are also suitable for home use, particularly integrated all-in-one systems, which have screens, microphones and quality speakers that do not require extra amplification. Karaoke lovers often find these the best option for their needs.


Pricing on professional karaoke machines can vary, depending on what functions are included. You can expect prices to start from around £400 and rise to over £1000 for high end equipment. Impressive additional features to look out for include a built-in hard drive, automatic track changes, DVD players and vocal effects.


Contact us today to find out more about our karaoke machines and how we can help you pick the right one for your needs.

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