The 6 Types of People at Karaoke

24 Aug 2018

Wherever you go for karaoke, you will always come across certain types of karaoke singers and figuring out who is who can add an extra layer of entertainment to the evening.

The Diva

This singer – male or female – is easy to spot because they think they’re all that and attempt to take the mic every other song to show off their vocal talents. Sadly, the diva will usually have very little talent, yet they do make for an entertaining performance, as they try their hardest to be the centre of attention for the whole night. Just let them have their moment, and they will be happy!

The Lost Bet

Usually, the reluctant one who is part of a group, be it a hen do or birthday party who is not at all comfortable being up on stage but has been made to perform due to a lost bet. No doubt they will spend ages choosing the right song and will try to come up with any excuse to not sing. But in a twist of events, they’ll probably be a great singer!

The Golden Oldie

Older generations love karaoke, and it makes sense they sing the hits from their generation. Most of the time, everyone knows the song and will sing along, and it will give you an appreciation for the classics once again. Also, it is never an issue if they hit a few bum notes, as it is always heart-warming and entertaining to see the older adults getting their groove on at a karaoke night.

The Surprise

Though everyone at karaoke is trying their best and deserve the audiences support, there will be one or two surprise performers who you will be wondering why they don’t have a record deal and Number 1 hit! More often than not, the surprise wonder singers will be the ones trying karaoke for the first time and weren’t even aware themselves how good a singer they are. Or so they say!

The Cringey Entertainer

The cringey entertainer type is no doubt a regular at karaoke nights and loves to get up on stage a few times each night, making failed attempts to entertain the audience with a cheesy song and maybe some stand-up. While they might elicit a few laughs at first, everyone will be silently clamouring for them to get off the stage. Because we are British after all, and politeness is in our DNA!

The Romantics

For decades, songwriters have put their thoughts and feelings about loved ones into songs, meaning there are limitless love songs to belt out on karaoke night, which is perfect for couples. While a public display of affection can either be lovely or sickening, depending on your own feelings, the romantic karaoke performances and declaration of love through a pop tune always make for great entertainment.

If you want to avoid all these types, you can simply invest in a home karaoke system and enjoy singing at home!

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