Singing Tips For Karaoke

24 Jul 2018

Karaoke is not just about singing, but singing is a big part of the
entertainment, and anyone can do it. To help you have the best karaoke
night ever – and perform the best you can, we have put together some tips
to master that will make your experience much better.

Practice to Improve

Singers improve with practice, and whether that is singing at home or in the car, it goes a long way to hitting the right notes on the day. Find your song and practice when you can, getting familiar with the lyrics, key changes and so on. You don’t need to have it completely memorised, but know enough to be comfortable belting it out on karaoke night!

Pick a Song for Your Voice

If you have a low voice, go for songs and artists that will complement that. It is always fun listening to and watching someone singing in the wrong pitch, but if you want to be more serious, it is best to choose a song in your vocal range. To find out, try various songs to see what fits best.

Remember Your Breathing

You need to control your breath so you will sound strong and on key throughout the whole song. You don’t want to get out of breath halfway through a song, as your breath helps to sustain the song. Good singers learn to take fast breaths between lyrics, and if you make a habit of it, it will eventually become a habit.

Keep Vocal Chords Hydrated

Drinking more water is important for singing, especially if your karaoke night will involve alcohol, as this dehydrates your vocal chords. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water throughout the day before heading to karaoke, and drink water on the night to help with the alcohol you may consume.

Warm Up Your Voice

Warming up your voice is something any singer needs to do – beginners, professionals and karaoke singers! As your vocal chords are muscles, they need warming up before you use them, as any muscle does. There are physical and vocal exercises you can do; open your throat by yawning, engaging your core muscles, relaxing your neck and shoulder and releasing tension in your jaw are physical ones to do. Vocal warm-ups include humming, practising tongue twisters at different pitches to help articulate and scales – think do-re-mi, just like the Sound of Music.

Learn How to Sing on Key

If you can sing on key, it means you are on your way to becoming a great singer. Knowing when you are on key or out of key, makes it easier to make corrections and maintain consistency. Record yourself when you practice, and critique yourself – even after a week of this, you will be surprised how much you improve.

Get a microphone for a karaoke machine from our online store and start your singing practice now! We have loads of machines, amps, mixers and much more in our shop that will make karaoke so much fun! Practice makes perfect, and in a short time, you will be a karaoke superstar at your local karaoke night!

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