Five Top Tips for Being a Good KJ

22 Jan 2019

It is not lying or exaggerating to say everyone loves karaoke; if not singing then watching in the audience or being the person behind the equipment making things happen. Being a karaoke jockey (KJ) is rewarding and a lot of fun. A KJ is not just managing the queue for songs but is responsible for all the excitement that happens at a karaoke party.


It is often the case you’ll get little training on being a KJ; it is very much a learn on the job role. Moreover, most people see their job as a KJ as a hobby they get paid for, but that shouldn’t stop you from becoming the best karaoke jockey you can be! So, what makes a good KJ? Read on to find out!


Choose the Right Equipment

Most important is having the right equipment, such as an all-in-one karaoke machine, and knowing how to use it correctly. Like any other profession, having the right tools makes your job a lot easier, and at Karaoke UK we have a range of products that can help amateur or experienced KJ’s.


Have a Song Database

An essential for any karaoke jockey is having an extensive collection of songs suitable for karaoke. This is an area to take time and effort with, as tastes differ and people can easily get annoyed if you don’t have their song in your library. A mixture of styles, genres and ages is important, and always be open to suggestions from the audience about new songs to add to the database.


Stay Organised

When you have a large song database to filter through, it is a good idea that you stay organised. Our tip is to arrange your songs, by genre or a way that suits you. Other ways you need to be organised is being ready at the venue. Arriving before the event begins gives you plenty of time to set up, settle in and check all the equipment, such as the sound and lighting effects are fully operational.


Be Ready to Step In

It can happen; a karaoke night with several people in a row singing slow songs that loses the crowd. The best course of action is taking the mic yourself, choosing an upbeat song and keep people in their seats and having a good time. As KJ, you should also try getting the performers to mix up the songs to keep the pace flowing. Putting new singers randomly into the rotation rather than at the end can also keep the pace upbeat.


Find a Balance

Not everyone is up for performing at a karaoke event, and some people are also too enthusiastic, so you need to find a balance, as the KJ to enforce the unruly people and encourage the shy ones. Being enforcer means you have to be firm and fair with the boisterous singers who have specific rules on what they want, and in busy venues, the message can be easily lost in the noise. Using a notebook where they can jot down their notes is handy. You might also need to be prepared to cut the mic! When it comes to encouraging people at a karaoke night, simply applauding and thanking them can get them onto the stage, or make them feel less nervous at least. The offer of a drink can also help!


Do you have any top tips that help you be a popular KJ at local karaoke events? We’d love to hear about them! In the meantime, if you find you need to upgrade your equipment, be sure to check out what we have available.


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