HK Audio Linear 3 Active 2 x 12" Cab (pair)



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This active 12”/1” fullrange mid/high unit delivers 1,200 watts of class D power, and functions either as a standalone speaker or in combination with subwoofers from the LINEAR SUB series. Four different EQ presets – Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (HMF) and Contour – allow the LINEAR 3 112 FA to deliver outstanding performance and easy handling in any situation.

• Packs the muscular bi-amped punch of a 1,200 W class D power amp
• Beautifully balanced, high-definition audio
• 135 dB SPL—that”s plenty of sound pressure for audiences of up to 500 (with the suitable L SUB 1500 A or L SUB 1800 A subwoofers)
• No need for sophisticated audio skills: advanced DSP technology serves up top-notch sound every time
• Intelligent Multiband Limiter ensures tonal integrity at every volume level
• FIR crossover filtering for transparent midrange
• Plenty of sound-shaping options with four EQ presets—Bass Boost, Flat (LF), Flat (MHF) and Contour
• Very low total harmonic distortion, so no listening fatigue
• System”s sound is easy to control and shape, even from the stage
• On-target, directional PA aiming to reduce reflections off walls and ceilings