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 The Audio2000'S® AWP6040B portable all-in-one wireless PA system with a rechargeable battery is a portable self-contained PA system containing an 1.2AHr rechargeable battery, a wireless microphone system, a built-in amplifier, a speaker, and a heavy-duty carrying bag.  The above wireless microphone system includes a belt-pack wireless transmitter, a headset microphone, a lavaliere microphone.  An AUX input connector and an AUX output connector are provided to have the AWP6040B be able to be used with any other PA or audio system.  An 1/4” connector is provided to be used as an electric guitar input or a microphone input.  The combination of the built-in amplifier and the speaker of the AWP6040B provides  25W maximum power output to achieve effective PA applications.  A carrying bag is provided for portability and mobility of the AWP6040B.  Overall, the AWP6040B is designed and manufactured to be a versatile, user-friendly, convenient and reliable system

IDEAL FOR School Teacher, Church, Hotel Conference Room, Aerobics Instructor, Sport Coach, Auction, Street Musician and Any Small Meeting Room

  • One Heavy-Duty Carrying Bag
  • Tone Control
  • Echo Control
  • Built-in 9VDC charger
  • One 3.5mm AUX Audio Output
  • AUX Audio Input Volume Control
  • One 3.5mm AUX Audio Input (suitable as an iPOD input)
  • One 3.5mm Microphone Volume Control
  • One 3.5mm Microphone Input
  • One 1/4" Microphone Volume Control
  • One 1/4" Microphone Input
  • Wireless Microphone Volume Control
  • One Handheld Wireless Microphone and Built-in Wireless Receiver
  • 25W Max. Power Output
  • Built-in 12VDC 1.2AH Lead-Acid Rechargeable Battery
  • One 12VDC Input