MONSTER GO DJ Portable, Stand-Alone DJ System



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Now the full decks can finally fit in your pocket

GO DJ is a completely standalone and all-in-one DJ system. The GO DJ weights at 0.6 lbs and far less heavier than any typical DJ controller out right now with the same functions.  GO DJ will allow anyone to take the party anywhere and anytime.

A controller that can be played easily with the tip of your fingers.

The GO DJ is not just a touchscreen turntable.  It features a cross fader, knobs, and buttons to give users the ultimate mixing experience.  GO DJ can be customized to match the sensitivity and precision that all musicians crave for.

Internal and External Memory.

You may store up to 2GB using Internal Memory and 2TB using SD cards. GO DJ allows ample amount of songs in addition to large high resolution files.


Sound I/O : 3.5mm Stereo Jack x 4 (Line-out, Headphones, Line-in, Microphone)
Line-out 1.0 Vrms / Headphones : 1.0 Vrms
THD : 0.015% (L-OUT, 1KHz), 0.009% (H.P. OUT, 1KHz)
S/N Ratio : 100dB (L-OUT), 100dB (H.P. OUT)
Interface : Mini-B USB x 1 (for USB 2.0 connection and power supply)
Storage : Internal Flash Memory (2GB for user space, 1GB for recording space)
SD Card Slot x 1 (up to 32 GB)
General : 320 x 240 resolution color display 2EA
Internal Li-Polymer Battery / Max 12hrs play back /  Support Sleep mode
286g / 250mm(W) x 66(D) x 16.8(H) mm


File manager : General directory based file system (support up to 10000 files)
File name/ Track name/ BPM sorting

Alphabet search / History reference
Supported file format : MP3, WAV for play back, WAV for recording
Player : Two individual players with CUE, PLAY/PAUSE, LOOP and Tempo control
4-hot CUE memory / 9-range loop control (1/32 to 32-beat)
Tempo control (-16.00% ~ + 16.00) with/without master pitch
Automatic synchronization (BPM adjust and beat matching)
Recorder : Record Lin-out sound to the internal memory in WAV format
Up to 200 files and 2 hours total / Can make hardcopies to SD cards
Platter operation : Scratch/ Pitch bend/ Loop range adjust/ Cue point search
Volume control : Master volume/ Track volume/ Crossfader
Sound effect : Phaser/ Flanger/ Delay/ Filter/ Roll / Bit Crusher
3-band visual equalizer : Low, Middle, High / Support multi touch and knob control
Musical Pad : One shot sample pad x 8 / Loop sample pad x 8 / Drone sample pad x 8
40beat step sequence : Editable preset pattern x 4 / User pattern storage x 4
18 instrument sources / BPM controller

Auto DJ : Normal mix mode / Club mix mode / House mix mode
Option :  Cross fader curve control / Backlight brightness control / Beat LED switc