KARAOKE USA SD 520 Portable MP3G Karaoke and PA System with 4.3" TFT Digital Color Screen and Record Function





The Karaoke USA Portable MP3G Karaoke Player with 4.3 In. TFT Digital Color Screen is ready go where you go. Lightweight and easy to carry, it has a built-in rechargeable battery to give you hours of entertainment. Beautiful LEDs flash with the rhythm of the music and add flare to the party. Play MP3G downloads, stream from your smart device, or just use the PA feature with no music. Record your singing performance and music, including Bluetooth, and listen with the instant playback button. You can also record the PA system with instant playback.

  • 4.3 in. TFT digital color screen
  • 25 watt peak power output
  • Powerful Bluetooth speaker
  • LEDs that synchronize and flash with rhythm of music
  • On/off switch for sync LEDs